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PROCESS #1-Click here to see a step-by-step look at how all the Sports and Entertainment art gets done.
PROCESS #2-Click here to see an animation of a pose come to life.  From blank page to full color art.
Born in a secluded cabin in the woods of northern Montana, Brian C. Roll knew he was destined to be an artist when he had to kill a moose using only a 6B pencil and a kneaded eraser. Facing insurmountable odds (as well as a temporary distraction from the earth game "Base-Ball"), Brian attended James Madison University in the American state of being known as "Virginia." Graduating with a degree in Computer Animation, Brian uses his skills with a tablet to preserve the images of his people, and to prepare his chosen planet for the coming invasion of the tomato people of Quahoya-6. Brian is, truly, our greatest hope.  -bio written by Jay Malone (he may have misunderstood some of the facts)
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